Here’s the thing about a secret workplace romance. In the beginning, you’re on a high. Every stolen moment feels like a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart. You get butterflies on your way in to work, it’s exciting and dangerous and the sex… is amazing.

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Tout ressemblance et c’est la suite
Ce feuilleton de toi et moi
Cette bluette amanite
Quand je t’embrasse encore une fois

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I mean, have you ever seen a cop someone with an ass that fine?

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Anonymous ;
ive seen you recommend some castle fics before. any sad ones?

Hey, yeah sure.

Don’t Fade Away - Rated T
- BerkieLynn

You’re Not Going To Like This - Rated T
- chezchuckles

the saddest lines - Rated T
- closing doors

all good things - Rated M, the coldest end - Rated K+, love taught me to lie - Rated T
- airbefore

With the exception of one (that kinda leaves the door open) they don’t have happy endings. Cry now.

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Did you like the 'Thats 70's show' episode?

Ever since I first heard about they were gonna play out that episode I was so against it. I thought I’d cringe through it just the whole concept of it isn’t something I would have liked to see. Heartbreak Hotel I have only seen maybe twice because I didn’t like the whole Elvis thing. I think I just don’t like seeing them dressing up hahaha. Like the Blue Butterfly episode I had only seen a couple times and only recently saw a few more times.

But YEESSS! I watched 6x20 and thought it was so funny. Like the whole episode had funny moments throughout it. It was such a good episode and it looks like 6x21 will be another funny episode before the season ends.

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The Men of the 12th Precinct

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Kate Beckett + “What the fuck is going on?” expression. 

Castle 6x20: “That 70’s Show”

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